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High Country Merino.

Merino Wool

The Cool Ones!


 Our 100% Merino Wool  beanie is made of 2 layers of 100% merino allowing it to be totally reversible.

The 2 layers make it very warm and also allows it to trap warm air between the merino layers.

In wet conditions you will find that you can wear it for up to 3 hours before you start to feel chilled.

All our wool is the fine 140 to 175gsm 100% merino.

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Hand Warmers

Our 100% Merino Wool hand warmers have been hand printed which adds a contemporary New Zealand flavor to them.

Driving the car ,using your phone or just at work these hand warmers will look good while keeping your hands free and warm.

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Neck Warmers

Our 100% Merino Wool Neck Warmers are hugely popular, we think due to the fact  it's made from a 100% merino wool rib knit. The rib knit stretches out very easily meaning that there is almost no pressure around your face or head.

Can be used as a Neck warmer, headband or a light weight beanie

The rib knit allows you to wear it over your face and the cloth wont interfere with your breathing, making it great for cycling or skiing etc.

It is light and folds up to about the size of a handkerchief.

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Face Masks

Face masks are made of 100% merino wool.

Made with 2 layers of light weight merino.

Moisture absorbing and breathable.Machine washable.

Bottom strap elastic to slip over head.

Top strap tied to back of head.(No elephant ears)

Great every day barrier mask for shopping or protection in a public environment.(Not a medical grade mask) 

Christchurch made for everyone.


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